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I imagine my story is similar to yours–a constant theme of worry, panic, and intense fear that inhibited me from living my full life. I was stuck in an ineffective cycle of traditional treatments, but with the help of my mom, we were able to break through, find a new lens, and a right-for-me action plan that led to alleviating my social anxiety and taking control of the life that is rightfully mine. I found my limitless me, let’s find your LimitlessYOU!

Our specialty training and coaching integrates deep empathy and functional medicine solutions to holistically address and relieve symptoms that are causing you pain. Founded on evidence-based methods and motivated by personal need, we help you foster physical and neurological awareness by using a whole-body lens, tuning into how your unique body is talking to you and identifying factors perpetuating your symptoms. We collaborate to develop an action plan based on your unique needs and experience with the ultimate goal of shifting control into your hands

LimitlessYOU was born out of necessity and represents the information and tools we needed throughout our experience with social anxiety. Now available for you, it will save you from the search engine rabbit hole, unrelenting frustration, and utter overwhelm. Our comprehensive program focuses on three key pillars teaching you how to thrive by replacing worry, fear, and losses with ease, energy, and enjoyment.Learn how to view your loved one’s social anxiety through a whole-body lens, unraveling the mystery that turns limited into limitless.  

You won’t find this program in your doctor or nutritionist’s office—trust us, we’ve searched.  

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Not Quite Ready?

Let’s take this
one talk at a time.

This hour-long coaching talk begins with identifying where you are in your social anxiety journey and addressing the concerns and challenges you have encountered. We’ll help you identify and organize up to three next steps to assist you in overcoming barriers to success. Through an exploration of resources that support your goals, we’ll make the positive change you envision feel possible and sustainable.

• Your preference: 60-minute phone call or video chat OR 60-minute email exchange
• Up to three clear, actionable next steps and identified resources that will assist you in your healing process
• An email summary of the action plan including identified resources
• A Zoom recording of the video chat for your convenience and continued support  

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